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They Won't Be Hurt

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Lopez Island, Washington has always been a place where people don’t lock their doors at night. But not after that Thanksgiving weekend when NFL star turned evangelist, Scott Singleton and his family were brutally slain in their island vacation home. Seven people were butchered. The police can’t understand, how, in his apartment over the garage, the property caretaker—a shy, boyishly handsome man named Joe Mulroney—slept through the night without hearing a thing. Now the Singletons’ caretaker has disappeared.

The horrific murders have put the whole country on alert. Everyone is nervous. That includes Laura Gretchell, who lives two hours away. Her husband has recently bought a winery and moved their family to a remote vineyard in North Central Washington. Laura isn’t used to this kind of isolation. It’s off season for the winery, and her husband is away in Europe. Her children have been terrified most of the weekend. Now it’s Monday morning, and they’ve left for school. Laura is alone in the house.

That’s when she hears someone trying to get inside the front door. And that’s only the beginning of a 36-hour nightmare for Laura and her three children. During every nerve-wracking minute they’re held hostage, Laura has no choice but to try and believe the promise of a killer: “They won’t be hurt…”



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