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I’ll bet you were expecting another punchy, one-word-titled thriller from me this year. Well, dear reader, I think you were rather presumptuous not to expect the unexpected from me. So…TELL ME YOU’RE SORRY! Yes, that’s the title of my new nail-biter, about a woman who goes after widowers and their families. In fact, she just loves them to death. I won’t say anymore! Check out my NEWS & EVENTS Page to find out where I’ll be signing TELL ME YOU’RE SORRY. Browse the BOOKS Page to make sure you’ve read all my thrillers. Finally, you can get the inside story and all the dirt on yours truly by checking out my BIO Page. I hope you have fun here. Thanks so much for checking out my site.


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Tell Me You're Sorry

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It all starts with a phone message that gets cut off. Portland-based pilot, Stephanie Coburn is still recovering from her sister’s unexplained suicide when her brother-in-law marries a woman she’s never met. Then on Thanksgiving night, she gets the call from her niece in New York. Something is desperately wrong.

It’s the last Stephanie ever hears from her.

Police determine the recently remarried widower, his two teenage children and his bride were murdered in a robbery gone haywire. But Stephanie sees a pattern emerge when an embezzling executive in suburban Chicago shoots his children, his new wife, and then himself.

Together with the surviving son of the Chicago area tragedy, Stephanie follows a killing trail that leads to Seattle and a widower with a deadly secret. But their every move takes them dangerously closer to a faceless, relentless vengeful killer, who will never forget or forgive.


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