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Thanks so much for checking out my site. You either have great taste in literature or you were looking for the Irish rugby player with the same name as me. Well, while the other Kevin O’Brien was scoring goals or making touchdowns or whatever the hell they do in rugby, I was busy creating a new thriller! YOU’LL MISS ME WHEN I’M GONE focuses on the serious subject of high school bullying (something I experienced firsthand). In my book, the shocking suicide of a persecuted young man has some deadly repercussions for his tormentors. Yes, writing this nail-biter was great therapy for me, but I also scared myself. Here’s hoping it’ll scare you, too! Scroll down to read more about the book. Be sure to visit my News & Events Page to get all the latest scoops and a list of upcoming author events. And “like” me on Facebook. Remember, if you’re not nice to me, you may just end up in one of my books!


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You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone

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When I'm Gone

Andrea Boyle and her nephew, Spencer, have moved to Seattle where they can have a fresh start. Andrea falls in love with a prominent playwright, Luke Shuler, who comes with some baggage: a clinging, possessive ex-wife and a troubled teenage son, Damon.

Relentlessly teased and bullied at school, Damon snaps. In a live podcast, he denounces his tormentors, and then kills his mother and himself in a fiery explosion. Within hours, one of Damon’s tormentors and an unsympathetic teacher are killed in another explosion. Then a seemingly random attack on Luke lands him in the hospital.

Soon, one by one, the students who picked on Damon are brutally picked off. The police suspect Damon’s classmate, Spencer, is behind the rash of recent violent deaths. Someone is framing him, someone who knows about Spencer's troubled past. It’s up to Andrea uncover the real killer—and the horrifying reason behind the killings—before she becomes the next to die.



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